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**We are making some changes to our online store, it will be fully back up and running soon! Thanks for your patience!**

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111-120 2nd Ave NE

Airdrie, AB​   T4B 2N2

Tel: (403) 980-1886

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With the original receipt you may return yarn up to 90 days after purchase, in exchange for the full amount in store credit. Pottery, needles and accessories can be returned within 7 days for the full amount in store credit. Items must be in the same condition as purchased. 

No Refunds or Exchanges on books.


This time of Covid-19 has been quite difficult for our store. In order to cope with the loss in revenue we’ve experienced, we are putting our store rewards program on hold as on June 2nd 2020. If you have acquired store credit on your account and have already reached your $250 spent - you will still be able to use the credit that is on your account. However, we will be pausing the program for the time being. This means that each purchase made, during this pause, will not be added to your totals. We greatly appreciate all of the support we’ve been given over the last two and a half years and know that this program is our easiest form of customer appreciation. We will have an update with regards to the program in September.